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KERMUR Specialized Bureau of Advocates registered under the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan offers charged legal assistances to any organizational-legal local and foreign legal entities. We present the list of provided legal assistances:

We present the list of provided legal assistances:

“Kermur” Specialized Bureau of Advocates with high legal assistance opportunities began functioning in law assistance market of the Republic of Azerbaijan from 2006.
The key objective of our Bureau is to defend all interests, including economical interests of clients applying to us.

The Bureau has rich experience in acceptance of immovable property to commissioning, tax, compensation of inflicted damages, claim on property, ensuring making of unpaid debts, and settlement of difficult economical disputes occurring in other spheres.


Question #1-1. What does corporate common property of spouses mean?

Question #2 - 2. What differs the stopping of the flow of claim period from cassation of this period?

Question #3- 3. What are principles for determination of guardianship and patronage?

For Your Information

Methodic Study Guide On Issues Related To The Registration
Of Legal Entities.


  • To provide legal assistances on organization, re-organization and liquidation of commercial and non-commercial organizations; To provide advices to client on optimal choice of legal entity for the purpose to carry out business within the Republic of Azerbaijan more successfully;
  • To prepare file of documents of legal entity to be established in a form meeting client’s requirement and interest;
  • Legal regulation of sale-purchase transactions with immovable property;
  • To make branches, agencies and representative offices of legal entities registered in state registration departments;
  • To prepare changes (new amendments) in incorporation documents and other necessary papers related to changing content of Founders, amount of the Authorized Capital and management structure.
  • To make registered the changes made to incorporation documents in state bodies;
  • Assistance for preparing and holding general meetings of Participators (Shareholders), Board of Directors etc.;
  • Advices on organizational actions to re-organize and liquidate legal entities and their realization;
  • Advices on insolvency;
  • To develop documents on sale-purchase of Company or shares of Company in the Authorized Capital, or concessions by other methods;
  • To prepare documents on intrusting shares of organizations in the Authorized Capital to successors and legal persons of physical entities;
  • To provide different effective advices on all issues regarding organization, re-organization and liquidation of legal entities.
  • Sale-purchase of ready business (development and registration of documents on inspection of entrepreneurship, organization of business, assignment of proprietary right);
  • To draw civil-legal contracts;
  • To make up all kinds of civil-legal contracts that maximum conforming interests of client;
  • To provide legal expertise of contract projects;
  • To carry out participation in signing of contracts and control on execution of these contracts (negotiations may be conducted by a lawyer in Azeri, English, Russian and Turkish directly);
  • To prepare marriage contracts and make them registered;
  • To give other effective offer and advices on the above mentioned direction.
Legal assistances in corporate financing and management:
  • To give advices on corporate financing and management;
  • To establish holding companies. To develop structure, management system of holding companies and in-company financing system;
  • To give advices on organizational actions for unification of trade-financial structures and to implement them;
  • To execute re-placing of payments to budgetary and non-budgetary foundations;
  • To organize new sale channels;
  • To create optimal scheme of foreign economical activity with Azerbaijan companies;
  • To provide legal assistances in investment-banking;
  • To carry out re-structuring of debts of Azerbaijan companies before foreign creditors;
  • To provide assistance regarding management of financially instable organizations. To prepare foreign management plans;
  • To develop short-term and medium-term financial programs, to carry out them and process necessary financial documents;
  • To adjust works on planning of current financial-economical activity;
  • To prepare and carry out operations on financing of Azerbaijan companies with assistance of credit structures;
  • To implement programs by involving bank financing (together with foreign investment structures);
  • To carry out legal control on use of financing of financial support of different international and national organizations; in case violations are found, to give offers on eliminating such cases;
  • To give legal advices and different effective offers on the above-mentioned activity directions.
Provision of legal assistances in personnel-registration works of organization:
  • To prepare personnel-registration documents according to Civil Code and other normative – legal acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan for legal entities with any organizational legal form;
  • To give legal advices on the rule to execute personnel-registration works of organization;
  • To draw up employment and collective contracts and to participate in signing of them;
  • To prepare documents on hiring and dismissing employees, to draw up documents on discipline, safety rules etc.
Provision of assistances on defending rights in court:
  • Compensation of damage and loss inflicted to client in court;
  • To prepare and carry out complex actions plan on eliminating reasons for occurrence of amounts payable of organizations;
  • To defend rights of Client when hearing of any issue in general and other courts on the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Price for provided assistances will be fixed depending on complexity and scope of work and level of the work executing employee.

Apply us without complicating your small problems, rely their solution on us for suitable price!


Dear businessmen!

“KERNUR AUDIT” Audit Company registered under the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan offers charged audit services to any organizational-legal local and foreign legal entities.

We present you the list of provided audit services:

Evaluation of property:

  • To prepare opinions regarding evaluation of immovable and movable property;
  • To prepare opinions on probability on which level immovable property will fall under influence of re-occurrence risks of insurance events;
  • To determine erosion level of immovable and movable property;
  • Advices on tax;
  • To give advices regarding application of the tax legislation and calculation of different taxes;
  • To give offers regarding improvement of company’s taxation system;
  • To provide practical assistance in drawing tax declarations and financial statements;
  • To inspect tax and other accounts;
  • To draw up auditor opinion under tax system:


  • To investigate reasons for occurrence shortcomings and lacks and to fix authorized persons responsible for these facts;
  • To give offers regarding elimination of violations in keeping accounting;
  • To form and organize accounting in companies;
  • To give audit opinion of valuables of cash resources with which material-responsible persons are charged;
  • To hold audit inspections regarding financial-economical activity of companies;
  • To evaluate securities;
  • To assess lands and natural resources;
  • To assess incomplete construction;
  • To evaluate production machines and any equipment;
  • To evaluate auto, railway, marine, river and air transports; To assess intellectual property and non-material assets (trademark, license and patent);
  • To evaluate amounts receivable;
  • To assess goods – materials.


Our goal is to satisfy our clients and protect them in maximum.

Ramil S. Khalilov

We defend interests of our clients as our own interests.


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