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Besides, our Bureau provides its clients with legal assistance in administrative, trade and business fields. Among our clients, there are various foreign companies investing capital in the fields of construction, telecommunication, navigation, oil and gas.

It would be enough to say that “Bakcell Ltd.”, “Target Petroleum”, “Nobel Oil”, “Xerotek LLC”, “Aqua-Vita”, “Azerfon”, “Carlo Pazolini”, “CBS-Consulting” and other well-known companies are among our permanent clients. We also offered legal assistance to “Tetra Laval” locating in Netherlands in collection of debts. Rights and interests of the Turkish Company “Bay Holding” are also defended by our Bureau.


“Kermur” Specialized Bureau of Advocates with high legal assistance opportunities began functioning in law assistance market of the Republic of Azerbaijan from 2006.
The key objective of our Bureau is to defend all interests, including economical interests of clients applying to us.

The Bureau has rich experience in acceptance of immovable property to commissioning, tax, compensation of inflicted damages, claim on property, ensuring making of unpaid debts, and settlement of difficult economical disputes occurring in other spheres.



Question #1-1. What does corporate common property of spouses mean?

Question #2 - 2. What differs the stopping of the flow of claim period from cassation of this period?

Question #3- 3. What are principles for determination of guardianship and patronage?

For Your Information

Methodic Study Guide On Issues Related To The Registration
Of Legal Entities.



Kermur has been well known as a bureau providing reliable and high quality juridical assistance. It is an admiring fact that Kermur approaches to the settlement of the matters professionally, understanding the nuances of IT business and well knowing the laws of Azerbaijan Republic. This enables bureau to make right only decision on possible matters in short period of time. The associates of Kermur are skilful connoisseur of their works and this shows itself in non standard situations. Main feature of the bureau is to find right only settlement in non standard situations that this enables you to spare time and resources.

President of “Sinam” LLC




Bakcell Ltd. is using legal and advisory services from Kermur since late 2005 and is very satisfied with their work performance and professionalism. As our business grows, we will continue to use Kermur.



Nobel Oil LTD


I have lived and worked here in Azerbaijan for 15 years. During this period I have developed an appreciation for local companies that can provide services to typically expected international standards. It is for this reason that I particularly value the services and support of KEMUR – Specialized Bureau of Advocates. I have known of and worked with Fuad Karimov for about five years and know him to be one of the best Jurist in Azerbaijan and a professional of high integrity and competence. I currently have the pleasure of working with him on the Board of Directors of Azeri Drilling Company and in his capacity of a Member of the Supervisory Board of NOBEL OIL LTD. (Azerbaijan). Thusly, I can recommend his services with confidence.

Wayne A. Walz
General Manager
NOBEL OIL LTD (Azerbaijan)


We look forward to working with you to build your vision

Rustamov Ruslan

Don't be hurry while making your choice! Use juridical aid of the professional.

Emil A. Dadashov


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